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CrossFit Scotland

CrossFit Scotland @ BasixGym first opened its doors on the 16th February 2008. After a year in the planning, Neil and Ron, co-owners of BasixGym Ltd., decided upon an industrial unit in Irvine. Three years later they had ran out of room and fortunately at that time a unit twice in size and with a better road side presence became available.

The new unit gave the chance for more members to discover CrossFit and its benefits. It also gave space for the provision of an “On Ramp” class which is ideal for those starting CrossFit.

In September 2012, CrossFit Scotland re-branded as CrossFit Scotland, BasixGym Reebok Recognised. “Many months in the planning, the addition of Reebok to our brand is a fantastic step forward. Reebok are a world leader in sports apparel and footwear and are already the headline sponsors of the CrossFit Games which are held in Los Angeles each year. The relationship they have formed with CrossFit is strong, having realised the benefits and originality of  this unique programme.”

 At CrossFit Scotland @ BasixGym we truly believe that our particular form of training is the best available. It is not necessarily easy, but easy never brought results!!

“Burpees anyone?”

Coach Neil

Neil is one the most experienced trainers in Scotland. With over 30 years experience in the fitness industry. Neil is also one of a handful of people from Europe that has competed in the CrossFit Games in Los Angeles.

Cut Neil open and he bleeds fitness and is truly passionate about coaching.

Favourite WOD - “GRACE”

“Get back up and do it again”

Coach Ron

Neil Foley

Ron McKinstray

Initial idea                               15/05/07

Neil Foley and Ron McKinstray meet to discuss opening a new gymnasium

Plannig awarded                   15/10/07

North Ayrshire Council approve planning permission for new gym.

Lease agreed                        24/12/07

BasixGym  Ltd and AIFLP agree lease for Unit 16 Mackintosh Place

CrossFit Scotland                 31/08/12

BasixGym  re-brands as

CrossFit Scotland, Basixgym Reebok Recognised


Ron is a Level 1 CrossFit Trainer and also has an Olympic Lifting Certification. Ron’s background is in business only becoming involved in the fitness industry 5 years ago.

Ron is happy to admit he has always had a battle with weight issues but a recent commitment to eating Paleo has made an incredible difference to his life and training.

Favourite WOD - “HELEN”

Only you can make choices about how you live your life. Nobody can force you to make those choices. But should you choose to get fit, make sure you make the right choice.

Move to bigger premises   14/07/11

Having ran out of space, the gym moves to new premises