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What we offer

Membership Benefits

..first off, we do not do contracts. We want your desire to train make you attend CrossFit Scotland again, again and again - not the fact you have a direct debit!

We offer two types of membership both paid monthly in advance. You have a choice between a "three visit per week" membership or "truly unlimited". Both are subject to a £25 joining fee and our preferred payment method is Standing Order.

For those joining without much training history we would recommend the "three visit" membership which will give you an opportunity to grow your fitness.

We have two distinct workout areas designed to give our "On Ramp" members the space to develop their skills and technique at the same time as raising their fitness levels.

We do also recognise that the more committed amongst you might want to pay for a year in advance and in recognition of that we offer a reduction in fees for those who want to pay up front for a years training.

You can also benefit from a reduction for the costs of your spouse/partners membership.

5300 sq ft plus

Space for you to grow

Our Irvine facility give you space to train. With classes from early morning too late evening there is a time to suit you.

Make big savings now

Fitness takes commitment. If you commit to CrossFit Scotland for three months, you can save £45, click for more.

Discuss your requirements

We are a people business. Should you wish to discuss your own individual requirements why not give us a call.

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