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CrossFit Scotland


Not what you’d call conventional

...CrossFit Scotland it is not what you would call conventional. With over five thousand square feet inside and the same again outside, we like to think of it as a giant playground.

Not for us the mirrors and televisions of a health club. What you will find at CrossFit Scotland are dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine balls, Olympic bars and weights, sandbags, step boxes, rings, ropes and a whole list of equipment designed to challenge your core fitness.

What, no TVs?

We have Concept II rowers (we will teach you how to row properly), cross trainers and bikes. If you need to run we are blessed with an assortment of local footpaths along with a couple of hills!

All our equipment is suitable for the complete spectrum of athletes, from the novice through to the expert. Our equipment will challenge you in every way and help make you a stronger, fitter and healthier person.
Your current level of fitness is not a concern to us, it is a challenge.

Fully Scalable Workouts

At CrossFit Scotland we offer you more than the conventional gymnasium. Every time you visit our trainers will guide you through your workouts making sure you get the best possible result for your efforts. It is worth stating we do not do easy, but would you want us to?

CrossFit requires commitment, as in reality does all type of training. There is no quick fix, no magic bullet, but what we do know is if you commit, you will be surprised with the results.

The gym enjoys a mix of 50% female, 50% male. We all work out together regardless of sex or age. This is what makes CrossFit unique and the support that we give each other is amazing and will help you discover more about yourself.  

More from the gym

“I don’t want to get bulky, I just want to get toned.”  I’ve heard it a million times before, particularly from women who inquire about CrossFit.  Well duh!  I don’t know many women who want to get big or get buff or look like a man.  What’s worse is that women really think that by lifting weights the results will be just that.

So they stear clear of the barbell, continue on with their 45min Precor workout while reading their magazine, continue making no fitness gains, or worse, continue to gain body fat, and thus end up looking way bulkier than if they had just picked up the darn barbell to begin with.  I’ve been wanting to do a post on this topic lately and, low and behold, as I was browsing one of my favorite sites there was the perfect article right there in front of me.  These experts put this misconception in it’s place better than I ever could so I am re-posting it here for all of the ladies.

Ladies and CrossFit