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3,2,1, go……………………………..

At CrossFit we perform a series of “benchmark” workouts. These all have girls names like “Fran”,”Helen” and “Angie”

A full list of these WODs (workout of the day) can be found here:

An archive of over four years of CrossFit Workouts can be accessed here:

The Named WODs
CrossFit FAQs WOD archive

Every day, of every week, of every year we set our members a different challenge. That challenge is called The Workout of the Day, or as we like to call it, the WOD.

Not for us the boring regularity of doing the same exercise day in, day out. We like change. This constantly varying nature of the WOD is what makes what we do so successful.

Everything we do is a full body movement and has its routes in functional fitness, fitness for life and everything it throws at you.

Yes there may be the same elements in the workouts but always with a different twist.

Every day is different