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CrossFit’s main page provides our community with a different “Work of the Day”, every day (rest days happen every fourth day) as does our own workout page.

The RSS feed on the left provides you with today's workout. The page is a great source of information, with links to articles, many published in the CrossFit Journal and videos.

CrossFit itself has never hidden any of their workouts. They believe in an open source policy, a policy which the whole fitness community can benefit from. IN fact a lot of the workouts are carried out every day by enthusiasts in garage gyms.

That obviously raises the question why do I need to join a gym if all these workouts are readily available to use for free.


..and it is a good question. Many people have tried the CrossFit workouts by themselves. They miss out on two vital ingredients of CrossFit. Firstly, unless they a very experienced they miss out on the expert coaching which we provide to all members, making sure they workout in a safe environment with correct technique.

They also miss out on the community. At CrossFit Scotland powered by Reebok, we are a community, a community that supports and encourages each other, we laugh together and we sweat together.

Is it not time you gave it a try!