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What are you waiting for? By utilising our online payment facility you can join CrossFit Scotland powered by Reebok - NOW!

With no annual contracts, unless you want one, we believe that you should want to come to the gym because you want to, not because you feel contractually obliged. All we ask is you pay for your membership each month in advance.

We do not do annual contracts, unless you want one. Pay now for a month with 3 visit per week and you will be on the way to a new you. You will still get your free session for on your first visit.

One month 3 visit

Why not join with your spouse or partner. We have a large number of couples that use our gym, some train at the same time, some like to work out separately. Either way you save  on the second membership.

One month 3 visit plus spouse

Truly unlimited is exactly that, truly unlimited. You can make use of as many classes in a week as you wish and use the gym in the afternoon to practise your new found skills. CrossFit Scotland is open seven days per week.

Truly unlimited

If your spouse or partner joins you benefit from a discount of on the second membership. The only decision you have to make, is which one of you gets the discount!

Truly unlimited plus spouse


3 visits per week
plus spouse

3 visits per week

Truly Unlimited

Truly Unlimited
plus spouse


To join, simply choose the membership that best suits your needs and current level of fitness. If you are new to training or have not been involved in any type of physical exercise for a while we would recommend the “3 visit per week” membership. This would also apply if you are recovering from some sort of injury.

You can also renew your membership online, remembering you pay monthly in advance for your usage.

“Truly Unlimited” is a popular choice for the dedicated athlete and will ensure you get the most from your membership. If you join on “3 visit per week” you can upgrade at anytime.

All memberships with the exception of the SPECIAL OFFER £115 for 3 months and our annual membership are subject to an initial £25 joining fee.

If you wish to commit to your fitness, you can pay for a year in advance and at the same time save on the cost as a reward for your commitment. You also do not have to pay a joining fee, saving a further £25.


Online payment - JOIN NOW!

Online payment - RENEW NOW!

Online payment - ANNUAL



Online payment - SUBSCRIPTION

We now offer the ability through PayPal to set up a monthly recurring payment. With the busy lives that we lead it can quite easily happen that we forget to pay our membership. It is also embarrassing for us to continually ask for payment at the end of a month.

So to make it easier, for all involved, why not choose just to pay monthly and secure your membership of CrossFit Scotland @ BasixGym

Recurring Payment