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One of the main reasons people decide to join a gym is to loose weight. Some gyms charge extra for diet advice and present you with a regime which can be hard to follow. At CrossFit Scotland, Reebok Recognised we will provide you with all the advice and guidance on what and more importantly, on what not to eat.

Like our style of training, CrossFit, we have tried and tested the advice. Co-owner Ron McKinstray has battled with his weight all his life. He had tried most diets on the market. Below is his own story..........

Nutritional Advice - at no extra charge

If you are looking to loose weight, CrossFit Scotland powered by Reebok will help you every step of the way on your own journey. We will advise you on what to and what not to eat. We will provide you with menus and recipes that are nutritious and enjoyable. Obviously, being a gym, we will get you moving and improve your fitness.

Stick to both - correct eating and quality exercise -  and you will loose weight and feel better. What are you waiting for. We are here to get you started as soon as you are ready.

“Last year I celebrated my 50th birthday. On seeing the pictures of the party, I was disgusted with myself. Yes I trained at least three times a week, yes I thought I was careful about what I ate and yet, despite that I continued to get fatter.

There is nothing more depressing than going shopping for clothes and checking the garment rails for the largest sizes that they stock rather than choosing something you like and checking they have it in your size. I found a plethora of websites that supplied clothes for “the larger man” and shopped online.

But that did not stop me worrying about what I was doing to my health. Type 2 diabetes was only another mouthful away. Come the turn of the year I made a resolution to find a solution.

CrossFit itself, recommends two types of

Diet. The “Zone” and “Paleo”.  After researching both I decided to give Paleo a go.

Like any diet, the first thing that hits you in the face is what you cannot eat. That concerned me so I decided to approach it from a different angle and investigate what you can eat. Back on the computer and I discovered some great sites for recipes. Having tried them out I produced a menu of what I would eat. Of course there was a long list of no go foods but the food that I started to eat following a Paleo Diet was fantastic. Tasty, enjoyable and filling.

I do admit, there were times at the start that I felt hungry, but my body soon adjusted. People were concerned I was not eating enough to get the energy to train. Quite the opposite happened and training became easier. Of course, when you shed almost 100lbs - yes - ONE HUNDRED POUNDS - training gets a hell of a lot easier. Imagine doing box jumps with a 50lbs dumbbell in each hand, not easy.

Now the pounds have come of I couldn’t be happier. Not only have I lost weight but I am happy that every mouthful of food I eat is the best fuel for my body. After all you only get the use of one amazing machine to inhabit throughout your life, you and only you, are responsible for looking after it”